What was Bitbuffet?

So what was BitBuffet anyways?

BitBuffet wasn’t just a shopping cart, it was much simpler and faster. With BitBuffet, you sold single products through simple links and recieved the money via PayPal. Read on for more information or view our plans and pricing!

How did BitBuffet work?

There are only three steps to selling files online using BitBuffet. We’ve designed the website to be fast and easy to navigate, but you’ll only be in there for a couple minutes.

The three simple (hands-free) steps:

  1. Customer clicks the button on your site.
  2. Customer sent to PayPal and completes payment.
  3. You get money & customer gets a download email.

Easy for you too. :-)

The only thingyou have to do is upload your product and place the button on your site. The rest is 100% automatic!

Try our free 7-day trial!

If you don’t love BitBuffet, you don’t pay a dime! If you like it, then you can join with a 30-day money back guarantee. What are you waiting for, sign up now!


BitBuffet back in the day.